toxicology websites

the poison review

a critical update and evaluation of recent scientific literature, news stories, and cultural events related to the field of medical toxicology

life in the fast life

australasian e-learning website; toxicology section features interactive case-based 'toxicology conundrums'

national poisons information service (NPIS)

UK DoH-approved and PHE-commissioned national service providing expert advice on all aspects of acute and chronic poisoning

UK teratology information service (UKTIS)

UK national service comissioned by PHE which provides information on exposure to drugs and toxins during pregnancy

lipid rescue™

educational website on the use of intravenous lipid emulsion infusions to treat severe systemic drug toxicity


free toxicology encyclopedia offering articles and resources about toxic chemicals and drugs

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novel psychoactive substances (NPS)

legal highs designer drugs krokodil (desomorphine) entactogens nitrous oxide gogaine hallucinogens bath salts mephedrone synthetic cannabinoids herbal blends methoxetamine black mamba stimulants novel psychoactive substances catha edulis (khat) research chemicals dissociatives PMA / PMMA spice plant foods pandora's box ethylphenidate empathogens methiopropamine headshops 5-meo-dalt herbal incense depressants clockwork orange dimethyltryptamine (DMT) salvia divinorum party pills benzylpiperazine (BPZ) benzo-fury (5-apb) stimulants research pills gamma butyrolactone (GBL)
the drugs wheel

a new visual model for the classification of recreational drugs and their legal status in the UK; regularly updated and free to use


Welsh Emerging Drugs and Identification of NOvel Substances; government-funded service which analyzes samples of unknown / unidentified recreational drugs sent in anonymously by the public; results are published online and can be searched; useful for identifying the chemical constituents of common branded 'legal highs'

KFx learning of substance

drug consultancy initiative providing free resources on recreational drugs; useful library of drug fact sheets and frequently updated 'newer unregulated drugs list'


a member-supported organization providing access to reliable non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants, chemicals and related issues; features an exhaustive encyclopedia of psychoactive substances containing drug information, links to other resources, media articles and 'experiential reports' by users of the drug

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teaching presentations

legal highs, lethal lowsdownload

serotonin syndrome, digoxin poisoning, CCB overdosedownload

clozapine myocarditis, statin-induced rhabdomyolysisdownload

cannabis hyperemesis, tricyclic overdosedownload

paracetamol overdose and hypokalaemiadownload
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toxicology podcasts

the poison review podcast

produced jointly by The Poison Review blog and the Division of Toxicology at Cook County Hospital; a forum for discussion of toxicological issues in clinical medicine, culture and history; features reviews of recent medical literature and news stories relating to toxicology


a fun and educational resource for health care providers about the world of toxicology; produced by Matt Zuckerman and the Division of Toxicology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

ACMT podcasts

podcasts summarizing each edition of the Journal of Medical Toxicology, the official publication of the American College of Medical Toxicology

toxicology journal club

podcasts of selected monthly journal club reviews of articles from medical toxicology literature, discussed by the faculty, fellows and residents of the Oregon Poison Center

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